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Vision Statement

Creating an aesthetic world of entertainment and continuously improving our service proposition.

Mission Statement

To create engaging, suspense-filled TV and film content with the primary focus of bringing world class entertainment that will positively impact our millions of audience across the globe.

Our Strategy

Our Purpose

Given our focus on the youth demographics in Nigeria and across the globe, we aim to impact positively on the youths through creating responsible TV and film contents that focuses on audiences’ needs, and delivering long-term sustainable success for shareholders.

Our Culture

Ensuring we create the right environment for our team to deliver our aim to become the best entertainment and media services company for our audience, customers, colleagues and shareholders. Putting our audience first at all times, Keeping our business proposition simple and working together to make a difference.

Our Aim

Best entertainment and media services provider for our audience, customers, colleagues and shareholders.

Creating the right content for our audience and customers. Continuously improving our service proposition and creating value is fundamental to our business model and the long term sustainability of the business.

External Enviroments

Quadrangle Media Limited operate in an increasingly dynamic market and we have to respond to an ever-changing external environment especially in the area of audience needs, government regulations, digital technologies and market competitions. We've built our business and our strategy to manage the constant shift/alterations we may encounter.

Risk Management

We are a simple, low risk, entertainment and media services provider with a culture founded on strong risk management and framework.

Our approach to risk is founded on an effective control framework, which guides the decisions we make as a business. At QML, risks are identified, managed, mitigated and monitored using our comprehensive risk management framework, and our well- articulated risk appetite provides a clear framework for decision-making.

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