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Alex Odinigwe
Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer


Alex is an Executive Director of Quadrangle Media Limited and a member of the management board.

He is a seasoned movie producer who has an excellent track record in the  entertainment industry.


He has carved a niche for himself in Nollywood following around two decades of sterling presence. 

His repertoire of achievements includes the production of several record-breaking  movies that were shot both in and outside the shores of Nigeria.


Besides his professional accolades, he is a philanthropist and a visionary who is dedicated to impacting the society positively. Hence most of his work reflects his conviction that, entertainment should be channeled towards soothing the mind while also addressing pertinent issues in the society.

A graduate of Political Science from Tansian University, Diploma in Psychology and Masters in Art (in view). 

External appointments

Director  Lex Sparkles production. 

CEO Xander Logistics and CEO Lex O Logistics

Alex Odinigwe is a patriotic Nigerian who is committed to making a resourceful impact.

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